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How do I get in the QSR Directory?

Our members all are given the option of being in the directory. Membership is as simple as meeting our criteria and filling in a form. If the form is an issue please email us and we'll work together to find another method.

Can I Join QSR?


If you meet our membership crietria, we just need you to fill in an application form.

As a member you can;

  • Help shape the direction of the collective

  • Gain a listing in the QSR directory

  • Gain the opportunity to be part of QSR Productions

What is your membership criteria?

We are looking for members who have similar goals to ours

  • Performers

  • People who are both Disabled & Queer (we work on self definition, we're not the DWP)

  • UK based

  • Looking to centre queer disabled peoples joy, creativity, and passion for liberation over performative tragedy.

Why use the words Queer & Crip?

We are proudly and unapologetically queer and disabled, and we are reclaiming these terms for ourselves. We don't believe in forcing labels on others, so we would never ask others to use those terms for themselves, and we ask that people don't put those labels on people that have not enthusiastically consented. but we in the collective feel strongly about the transformative power of taking the tools of our marginalisation and using them to empower and create community instead.

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